So excited to be taking part in this fantastic event for the first time this year. Doors open at 11am today - yikes! Fingers crossed for a great couple of weekends.

Flyer 1.jpg

Fowey Art Trail 2019

Oooh its been a while! What a busy spring, the highlight of which was taking part in the fabulous Fowey Art Trail that brings lots of lovely local (and not so local in my case) artists together to open their homes and studios to show and sell their work. Thank you to the very supportive Y&B who hosted me in the glorious summerhouse. Not sure what the ‘punters’ enjoyed more; my art or the view from the summer house windows. Will def be back next year.

In other news i had a go at stepping out of my comfort zone and have been working on some floral inspired work. Big pieces featuring peonies and lilies and even some hand finishing with some silver leaf. Looks rather lovely I think.

Coming soon...

Working on a new series of Fowey inspired prints. Last layer going down next week. Watch this space…


All the boats!

Slightly obsessed with sailing boats at the moment and enjoyed teaching the kids the art of screen printing over the weekend. Used my new screen to create paper stencils and created multiple layers of happy sails.

Summer is nearly over....

Wow, what an amazing summer...back in Putney and reflecting on the past couple of months and feeling very happy and inspired for the coming autumn...more boats coming soon!

Impromptu home workshop

Rainy day today, and new screen was delivered, so G and I did an impromptu workshop on the dining table. Her print is inspired by our wonderful holiday in Bermuda.

TBT where it all started

I've been lucky enough to have 2 full days in the studio at Putney this week working along side a couple of complete beginners being shown the ropes by the fabulous Justine Ellis and it reminded me of my first forays into the world of screen printing. Still love these early pieces!

Summer studio Time

Great day in the studio today working on a new piece ready to take to Fowey next week.