After studying art at Wimbledon and Chelsea School of Art I embarked on a career in advertising but left work to bring up my 3 children and help my husband run our busy London architectural practice and have recently returned to art, using screen printing to produce work inspired by my favourite places.

With my camera and sketch book I record the scenes around me and attempt to capture the mood and feel of a place through my work. I am particularly drawn to water and much of my work attempts to capture the magical qualities of water and sky together, whether its the sun setting on the horizon, clouds moving swiftly over the sea or the morning light casting shadows on the river.

Using photos, photoshop and sketches, and combining various printing methods I try to recreate these scenes. The mono printing method brings a painterly quality to much of my work and some unexpected results and unlike most screen prints, each one is unique.

If you would like to get in touch about my work or to discuss a commission please email me on robyn@deepwaterdesigns.co.uk